Local Outreach


We seek to offer transformative opportunities of connection, contemplation, and kingdom action to those in our city. We love using relationship and the arts to find compelling ways to serve. As a result, our local outreach can manifest uniquely as we seek the Spirit’s guidance. It also exists in these specific expressions of service below. To learn more or get involved with our local outreach efforts, send us a message here and one of our local outreach team members will get back to you.

Previously, St. Brendan’s met at the Central Union Mission. Members of our community maintain a strong commitment to the transformative work done there through gifts of time and finances. 


Flash Tables are a powerful, playful, and profound way to connect with others in our city. They are a simple gathering where a beautiful table is set in a park or on a sidewalk somewhere in the city and dessert and connection is offered to any neighbor who passes by. 

Macalla means “in the voice of the community I hear the echo of myself.” It is a literary journal designed to share creative expressions of our community’s faith with the world. View Macalla here.